You've Got to Stop Voting - by Mark E. Smith

(This article was edited and updated on April 8, 2012)

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Voting: The Sham and the Shame

Imagine something so precious that only the most powerful rulers and their cronies are allowed to have it, and it is forbidden to ordinary people. That precious right is the ability to make decisions about how you can live, what you can or cannot do, and what opportunities your children will have. It is what the right to vote should be, but is not.

Encountering the Overseers - by Mark E. Smith

25 Facts About the Pharmaceutical Industry, Vaccines and “Anti-Vaxers” - by Julie Lévesque


Breaking Out of the Invisible Prison: The Ten-Point Global Paradigm Revolution - by Prof. John McMurtry


As we enter 2015, the global corporate system deepens and spreads in its

Response by Transport Workers Solidarity Committee to ILWU International’s Statements on ZIM Protests

Response to ILWU International’s Statements on ZIM Protests

Transport Workers Solidarity Committee’s

Response to ILWU International’s Statements on ZIM Protests

The Criminalisation of International Justice - by Alexandra Valiente

The entrance of the ICC is seen in The Hague

The Revictimization of Mumia Abu Jamal - by Mark E. Smith

The Pennsylvania State legislature, in response to a commencement address given from prison by Mumia Abu Jamal to a graduating class at Goddard College, has passed something called the, "Revictimization Relief Act" and sent it to the Governor for his signature.

The Times That Try Our Souls - by Gary G. Kohls, MD & Kevin D. Annett


The Ebola Conspiracy: Theory and Facts - by Mark E. Smith

The US was built on the genocide of Native Americans and grew rich through the slave trade that killed millions of Africans, so if the US has developed weaponized Ebola as a way to kill millions of Africans it certainly wouldn't be the first time. The US has always supported other Apartheid regimes, like South Africa and Israel.

Why Voters Ignore Racism & Sexism in Congress - by Mark E. Smith


Taking Money Out of Politics - by Mark E. Smith

I just saw an article called "Either we fight for our lives, Ferguson, and the future of the United States ... or we all die," written by Stephanie Llanes and Jamal Ubuntu on a UC Berkeley webpage:

Cold War Two - by William Blum

Cold War Two

The Secret of Israeli Chemical Weapons - by Thierry Meyssan

[Note: I think this is an important backgrounder on what's happening in Gaza now. --folkie]

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