You've Got to Stop Voting - by Mark E. Smith

(This article was edited and updated on April 8, 2012)

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Why Voters Ignore Racism & Sexism in Congress - by Mark E. Smith


Taking Money Out of Politics - by Mark E. Smith

I just saw an article called "Either we fight for our lives, Ferguson, and the future of the United States ... or we all die," written by Stephanie Llanes and Jamal Ubuntu on a UC Berkeley webpage:

Cold War Two - by William Blum

Cold War Two

The Secret of Israeli Chemical Weapons - by Thierry Meyssan

[Note: I think this is an important backgrounder on what's happening in Gaza now. --folkie]

The Secret of Israeli Chemical Weapons - by Thierry Meyssan

[Note: I think this is an important backgrounder on what's happening in Gaza now. --folkie]

The Zapatista Women’s Revolutionary Law as it is lived today - by Sylvia Marcos

This essay on the Zapatistas’ Women’s Revolutionary Law twenty years on, draws on Zapatista women’s reflections, together with a decades-long engagement with indigenous feminism and Zapatismo.

Physicians for Human Rights on Israeli Attacks on Gaza Hospitals - Press Release

22 July 2014

Yehuda Weinstein, Esq.
Attorney General of Israel
Fax: +972-2-6467001

Minister of Defense
MK Moshe Yaalon
Fax: +972-2-6496117

Military Advocate General
By fax: +972-3-5694526

Mark S. Tucker’s Testicular Reasoning - by Mark E. Smith

From time to time I’ve published an occasional issue of Mark S. Tucker’s newsletter, Veritas Vampirus, here on Fubar. While V.V. is primarily dedicated to exposing Rob Kall for the buffoon he is, Tucker also uses it to express his opinion on various other topics.

David Victor: Fukushima USA - by Ace Hoffman

[Note: This is what can happen when you elect people who don't know what they're doing, who can then appoint people who don't know what they're doing, to represent the public in making life or death decisions for everyone. --folkie]

Election Boycotting Can Be Co-opted - by Deborra Ann Low

A recent meme originating from the Facebook Group called, "Election Boycott Advocates," stated the following: "ELECTION BOYCOTTING CANNOT BE CO-OPTED:  How cool is that?" Actually, there's nothing cool about that, because it isn't true.

Voting Against the Boogeymen - by Mark E. Smith

U.S. voters are pretty evenly divided amongst Democrats and Republicans, with only a very small fraction voting for third parties. Democrats tend to be terrified that the Koch brothers' money will sway elections, while Republicans are fearful that Soros money will sway elections. In truth, both are voting more against the other party than voting for their own party.

After the harvest — learning to leave the planet gracefully - by Robert Jensen

Every time I read the latest bad-and-getting-worse news about the health of the ecosphere, such as last month’s report that the melting of some giant glaciers had passed the point of no return, I think back to a conversation 25 years ago that helps me put such news in perspective.

Sgt. Bergdahl - By Barry Sheppard

After the Obama administration arranged for the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the last U.S. prisoner of war held by the Afganistan Taliban, there has been a firestorm of outrage from the right wing of both the Democratic and Republican parties.
Sgt. Bergdahl has been pilloried as a traitor. His father has been denounced as a Muslim.

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